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HEAL at a deeper level.  

Our workshops are designed to allow immersion into a specific topic or practice to allow you to enhance your yoga experience.  


Spring Equinox Celebration
with Joss and Summerhaze
at Fort Buenaventura Trapper’s Bowery group site
Suggested cost: $66, tips are welcome if you feel able. 
Join yoga instructors Joss and Summerhaze for a late morning/early afternoon adventure at Ogden’s historical Fort Buenaventura to celebrate and welcome the Spring Equinox. We will focus on what we want to manifest during this seasonal shift and will hone in on our goddess energy through a number of outdoor activities to foster just that. Live music will accompany the guided meditation and yoga flow.

  • Guided meditation focused on the Root and Sacral Chakras incorporating specific mudras 
  • Manifestation journaling activity
  • Fire burning ceremony and discussion on the various goddesses associated with springtime
  • Goddess Energy yoga flow
  • Sowing Your Manifestations planter building
  • Barefoot earthing meditation walking through a natural labyrinth
  • Mandala construction activity
  • Lunch and social

This event is open to anyone and is capped at 15 people. In accordance with current COVID guidelines, attendees will have adequate physical distancing throughout the experience and are welcome to wear a mask if they wish. Everyone will receive a green aventurine crystal egg pendant necklace as a gift. This event is offered on a sliding scale and there is an additional charge if you would like lunch provided. 

As an attendee, you will need to bring the following:
  • Paper and pen
  • Yoga mat 
  • Small blanket
  • Water bottle
  • Tea mug or thermos
  • Dress in layers
  • Scarf
  • Any special item(s) you may wish to place in the mandala for the event
  • Optional lunch if you would like to bring your own food


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