What is H.E.A.L. Yoga?

At HEAL, we believe that to heal the world, we must first heal ourselves.

We focus on just that - bringing awareness to the self through breath and movement with conscious intention. Our instructors are highly trained and focus on yoga for the individual even in a group setting.

At HEAL, we cultivate a true yogic experience through mindfulness, movement, exploration, and community.  With structured outdoor yoga activities and all inclusive retreats, we're here to help you taking your HEALing to the next level.


It is with these concepts in mind that we designed our mission. 

HONOR yourself first and foremost, and Honor those you come into contact with. 

EMPOWER yourself to realize your full potential as a sentient being, and empower others to see the same.

AWAKEN your mind to your body, and listen to its guidance.  You have the power to HEAL.  

LOVE yourself.  Love others.  Love the planet.  It really is this simple.  



Are you an adventure junkie?  Are you also a yogi?  You're in the right place!  Our studio focuses on offering outdoor activities for yogis in Utah.  Join us for Yoga Hikes, SUP Yoga, and Yoga, Bikes + Beer throughout the spring, summer and fall, and for Snowga hikes and outdoor adventures in the winter.  For a current list of offerings, click here


Bringing you affordable, all inclusive yoga retreats with an element of adventure.  Come prepared to have more fun than you imagined, cultivate new relationships with yourself and others, and to have an experience you won't soon forget.  Our retreats delve deep into empowerment and HEALing in nature.

For current retreat information, click here