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What is H.E.A.L. Yoga?

At HEAL, we believe that to heal the world, we must first heal ourselves.

Our studio focuses on just that - bringing awareness to the self through breath and movement with conscious intention. Our instructors are highly trained and focus on yoga for the individual even in a group setting.

Every Yogi that comes into our space will receive a complimentary 15 minute HEAL Consultation so we can get to know YOU and your needs, and structure our classes around such needs. We also have private classes and consultations available by appointment.


It is with these concepts in mind that we designed our purpose and our studio.  HONOR yourself first and foremost, and Honor those you come into contact with. 

EMPOWER yourself to realize your full potential as a sentient being, and empower others to see the same.

AWAKEN your mind to your body, and listen to its guidance.  You have the power to HEAL.  

LOVE yourself.  Love others.  It really is this simple.  


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