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Hippie Skin


Get to know HEAL Yoga's neighbors!  Hippie Skin and HEAL Yoga are jointly owned by Bethany and Taylor, and operate out of the same space as our studio.  

100% Natural Skin Care packaged with love in Ogden, UT.  

At Hippie Skin, we are passionate about addressing the unrealistic expectations the beauty industry places on women in their quest to be beautiful, and we aim to inspire true beauty from within with synergistic oil blends and simple, sustainable skin care.


We formulate all of our products as purely as nature intended.  We do not use any fillers or preservatives other than what’s naturally occurring in our raw ingredients.  We are transparent with our practices and provide high quality, truly natural products at an affordable price.  We source all ingredients from sustainable, fair-trade, reliable suppliers and we maintain a strong focus for quality from process to packaging.  

All of our products come packaged with the message that you already have everything you need to feel beautiful and include affirmation cards to empower you to own your unique talents and inner beauty.

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