ESTEEM, A Hippie Skin Project

Co Sponsored by HEAL Yoga Studio

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We decided to break the silence and ask the question out loud, for the first time. 

The response was overwhelming.

"I don't love myself".... "I'm not the wonderful person everyone thinks I am"... "I've gained too much weight"... "I'm not smart enough"... The list grew as fast as our hearts sank.  But, with a little creative vision, and the unspeakable bravery of a few incredible women, we are so proud to present this project to the community we serve and love so much.

We've asked 5 women to step in front of the camera and tell us the story of how and why they may have lost touch with their sense of self-love.  We've done our best to capture their beauty, through their deepest fears, but's that's only the first step.

The next step is you!

We invite you to come to our space to see these incredible women - we ask as you view and ponder these women's stories, to reach deep into yourself and help us remind these women why they are so beautiful.  Whether just a word of encouragement, or a note from the heart, anything you have to offer will, in the final step, be gifted to them, with the full set of portraits to be hung in their home as a daily reminder of their bravery, their worth, and what makes them beautiful.

Esteem will continue as a revolving project.  As we raise funds to cover the cost of printing, each set will be gifted to the participants along with your letters, and the next participant will be invited into our studio to share their story in hopes of helping us all remember our true worth.