How to Practice Yoga During a Pandemic

Okay, not just pandemic. THE pandemic.

We are all super sick of being online, being home, and we miss yoga and our friends!  So what can be done about it?

While normal as we knew it may never return, it IS still possible to socialize and get some yoga in without putting you or your family members at risk.  Check out these tips from HEAL Yoga Studio:  

Online Yoga - HEAL Yoga Studio Ogden

1.  Yoga Online.

This one has pros and cons, and we're going to break it down:  

PROS:  You can do it from the comfort of your home.  Most of the time, it's free.  It's a great way to fit a little movement in on your time.  

CONS:  The instructor can't see you, so you could be doing poses incorrectly and risk injury.  Free yoga means anyone could throw it up there, and you don't know if they've truly been properly trained.  Plus, it takes away from small businesses.  

CONCLUSION:  It's good when you're in a pinch, but we really don't recommend it unless you're a highly experienced yogi.  

Yoga Hike - HEAL Yoga Studio Ogden

2.  Outdoor Yoga.

Outdoor activities have seen a huge increase this year as more and more of us are turning to the great outdoors for solace, peace, and a safer way to be active.  Yoga doesn't have to be any different!  Let's review:  

PROS:  You get to be outside.  With other yogis.  You get to experience yoga in a new way, and maybe find some new fun things along the way.  Our studio is partnering with WSU Outdoors to bring a little adventure into an outdoor practice, adding hikes, bikes, SUP, and more.  You may even learn a little history and see new places within your city that you didn't know existed!

CONS:  You have to pack in and pack out.  Not a huge deterrent, but something to be aware of.  One of the best things about nature is leaving it just the way you found it.  Your yoga experience will be unlike anything you've found in a studio.  It might get hot.  It might get cold.  It might get noisy.  But you just may find something you never expected:  Adventure.

CONCLUSION:  We personally like this option best... if the pandemic has taught us anything, it's how to be flexible, move with the times, and search out new ways of doing things.  Just make sure social distancing measures are in place and the events have participant caps to stay safe.  

Studio Yoga - HEAL Yoga Studio Ogden

3.  Studio Yoga.

It's totally possible in some states and counties.  Let's check out the logistics:  

PROS:  Most studios are taping the floor and capping participants.  No props are used and sanitizer is provided.  

CONS:  You're still indoors, and you breathe hard during practice.  Sure, you can wear a mask, but do you really want to?  

If you're thinking of attending yoga classes in a studio, visit the space beforehand.  Don't be afraid to ask questions about ventilation, sanitation and other preventive protocols.  

Virtual Yoga Classroom - HEAL Yoga Studio Ogden

Last but not least, Virtual Yoga.

When everything shut down, many studios took their classes online, setting up virtual classrooms to allow students to continue their practice from home.  

PROS:  You can practice from the comfort of your home, and the instructor can see you and offer posturing cues to help you avoid injury.  You can attend any class, anywhere!  

CONS:  Internet connections can be an issue, as well as being able to hear the instructor.  If they're not using a bluetooth headpiece it can be difficult.  Plus, if there are a lot of people in class, they may not be able to see you all that well.  

We like this option when nothing else is available.  Just be ready for internet glitches and some mishaps here and there, and you'll be good to go!

We hope this guide has been helpful!  What are some ways you're incorporating yoga or other activity into your life during the pandemic?  We'd love to hear from you.  Drop a comment below!


Bethany became an instructor in 2010 and has enjoyed sharing her yoga experience with the community. She teaches Beginner, Hatha, Vinyasa, Power and Yin yoga, with a strong focus on getting to know the self through practice.  She prides herself on her ability to think outside the box and provide unique yogic experiences for her students.  

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