Workshops at HEAL

Workshops at HEAL

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HEAL at a deeper level.  

Our workshops are designed to allow immersion into a specific topic or practice to allow you to enhance your yoga experience.  


March 16th:  Pelvic Floor Workshop

This workshop is being held in March in honor of Endometriosis Awareness Month.  Endometriosis can be a very debilitating disease and is difficult to diagnose.  This workshop is open to anyone with pelvic pain, painful periods, pain during sex, as well as postpartum mothers or those who have had gynecological surgery.  Read more about this workshop HERE.



108 Sun Salutations Yoga Hike:  FREE to attend.  Held in Ogden on 3/20 in honor of the Spring Equinox.  More info can be found HERE.

March 23:  Yoga for Runners Workshop

With Heather Jones-Proctor, Ultra Runner, Coach, and Yogi.  All Human Beings should be able to perform basic maintenance on themselves."  In this course attendees will learn how to assess complete or incomplete movement patterns, for the explicit purpose of improved movement quality and increased performance. For more info about this workshop, click HERE.

April 20:  The Art of Arm Balancing Workshop:

Learn to fly with us!  This fun and challenging workshop is designed to give us the tools we need to take flight... read more about this workshop HERE.

June 11:  Yoga for Rock Climbers Workshop:

Climbing and Yoga go hand in hand.  Improve your performance and skill by gaining an understanding of the basic yoga moves that compliment your climb.  For more information about this workshop, click HERE.