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HEAL Instructors

Meet Your HEAL Yoga Instructors: 

Bethany (500YT)


Bethany started practicing yoga in college as a way to get exercise without overdoing it as she struggled with severe asthma. What she found was much more than physical: her seasonal depression lessened through savasana and a regular meditation practice, and she felt a lot stronger both physically and spiritually.

Bethany became an instructor in 2010 and has enjoyed sharing her yoga experience with the community. She teaches Hatha, Vinyasa, Power and Yin yoga, with a strong focus on getting to know the self through practice.

Bethany recently completed her 500 hour training through a Yoga Alliance program at the Lotus Wellness Spot, where she deepened her knowledge and practice of Ashtanga, Trauma Yoga, Ayurveda, Kids Yoga, advanced anatomy and asanas, Yoga Nidra, and Yoga for the Individual.  Bethany started and admins the Yogis Of Ogden, and she owns the HEAL Yoga Studio along with her fiance Taylor. 

Michelle (200YT)

Yoga and meditation have provided Michelle a structure and method to connect to her self, her body, her mind and emotions. It supports her in connecting to a deeper sense of Self. Activating her parasympathetic nervous system, finding grounded stillness while staying mindful of the chaos. The asana, movement and breath, burns off and lifts the angst which allows energy to come into her body.

Restful poses open up space which loosens and releases aches and pains. Meditation, pranayama and nidra open the mind and senses to receive clarity, Inner Knowing and holistic healing for the mind, body and soul. She humbly offers these tools and experiences to the HEAL community. 

Heather B (200YT)

Heather Bloomquist grew up in Ogden, UT and received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Women’s Studies from Weber State University. She received her Master’s degree in Sustainable Communities and a graduate certificate in Women and Gender Studies from Northern Arizona (NAU) in Flagstaff, AZ. Heather taught Women and Gender courses for NAU for 10 years and is an advocate for empowerment education.

She then returned to Ogden and discovered her love for yoga at the local yoga studios and gym. She combined her passions for teaching, personal empowerment and yoga and received her 200 hr RYT from Lotus Yoga and Dance Studio.  She was trained in Vinyasa Flow, Pranayama, Meditation and Yin and teaches yoga at HEAL Yoga and Gold’s Gym. Heather also enjoys spending time with her family and friends, snowboarding, cycling, gardening and hiking with her dogs.

Kaylie (200YT)

Kaylie grew up on the stage, dancing for 12 years. This consisted of many styles and she was highly into the performing arts including film and theater acting, and she has always been drawn to the arts.

She was introduced to yoga at the age of 14 when her world was falling apart, and Yoga pulled her out of the dark place she was in. She instantly fell in love with the practice as a way of self expression and as a way to connect through the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of what yoga has to offer. She dove into the healing properties and the power of energy that Yoga provided and it changed her whole perspective on life. She learned to appreciate the true beauty within ourselves and the universe.

Yoga continues to help Kaylie learn and grow, and to connect the mind, body, and spirit as a whole. She wants to share with you the healing properties that yoga has offered her and to help you find the love we all have within. When she's not engaged in Yoga or the arts, Kaylie enjoys eating, hiking, watching TV, and sleeping.

Heather P (200YT)

As a long distance runner for 17 years, I ran into my first yoga class 13 years ago to help deal with the consequences of being me. Within yoga I found many things, but ultimately it was the perfect yin to my yang personality. I hold a 200 Hour E-RYT from Yoga Fit and have 10 years experience as a yoga instructor. I am a creative, fun and authentic instructor with a compassion-centered teaching style . I have experience teaching Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin , Power, Meditative and
Yoga for Trauma. I have had the pleasure of teaching beginners to advanced levels, cancer survivors, elite military members, and those dealing with trauma. I truly believe that yoga has a place for everyone.


 Shandi (200YT)

Shandi was drawn to yoga as a way to deal with chronic neck pain. She found relief, and so much more than she could have ever expected. She was inspired to pursue her yoga teaching certificate because she wanted to create a personal daily practice. During her 200 hr Yoga Teacher training at the Lotus Wellness Spot the magic of yoga unveiled itself, and after receiving her 200 hr certification she was drawn to becoming a Yoga Therapist. Shandi is currently on the path to become a 500 YT and a Yoga therapist, studying at INBody Academy. She has had an amazing journey discovering the healing benefits of yoga with her physical, emotional and mental health. She is inspired to share yoga with everyone, and wants to facilitate a place of community, personal growth, and healing.


"A healer is not someone that you got to for healing a healer is someone that triggers within you your own ability to heal yourself" - Unknown
Shandi can't predict in what ways yoga will heal you, but she is excited to take that journey with you. 

Merisa (200YT)

Merisa is a “Do It Yourselfer” to the core.  She believes that with the right tools, knowledge and help we really can do anything. At a young age she found alternative therapies interesting and loved to learn about different techniques for self-care.  In 1993 as a teen she came across yoga for the first time in a magazine. That article sparked an ever-growing interest in yoga and she began her own self practice. In 2001 she became a young single mother and fought with a sense of self loss and depression.  A friend gave her Patricia Walden’s “Yoga for Beginners” video to try.  The way she felt after doing Patricia’s class for the first time became a turning point for her.  Fueling her search for more she dove deeper into the world of yoga.

Now married and a mother of three, Merisa still uses yoga as a tool to cope with the stresses that life can bring as well as a beautiful way to create self-love and care.  As her children grew up she felt the need to turn more attention towards what she always cherished.  With the support of her husband she completed her 200hr YTT in April 2018 at The Lotus Yoga and Dance Studio in Ogden, Utah but will always consider herself a lifelong student. She is a creative at heart and loves taking on new projects to DIY, whether that be in the form of art, wood working, interior design, or creating a yoga class.    

If you come to Merisas class you can expect a great emphasis on gentle self-awareness, non-judgment and light-heartedness.  She believes not taking ourselves too seriously and loving ourselves is the only way we can sustain spreading love to those around us.

Jocelyn (500YT)

Yoga was brought into Jocelyn’s life by means of a “Yoga at Home” DVD and a weekly psychedelic 70’s Rock blacklight yoga class with her friends at a studio in her hometown of St. George, UT. The practice of yoga and meditation changed her life by giving her the tools to cope with anxiety. She hopes to help others struggling as she did and bring relaxation to those who need a break from the furious pace of life. Her purpose in her classes is to weave something energetically magical to provide a space for others to explore and find beauty in their true selves. Joss has been teaching yoga since 2016 and has loved every second of it. She also has a Bachelor’s of Science in Behavioral Sciences with an emphasis in Anthropology. She loves the mountains and the trees. Joss is a big nerd at heart. She and her husband love studying Norse Mythology, creating music, art, and jewelry, and traveling the world in their spare time.

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